3 Drug-Free Ways to Improve Lower Back Pain

Women experiencing back painLower back pain is exceedingly common. According to data referenced by the World Health Organization, it’s considered one of the top 10 diseases worldwide and a leading cause of disability. In fact, estimates show that about 7 out of 10 of us will experience at least 1 lower episode of back pain within our lives.

If you’re currently dealing with an acute or chronic episode of lower back pain, know that you’re not alone. It’s also understandable that you may not want to become overly-reliant on drugs to manage your symptoms. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to live drug-free with lower back pain–and in time live without lower back pain at all.

3 Things You Can Do (Without Medication) To Improve Your Lower Back Pain

1. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.

A doctor of chiropractic is an excellent healthcare professional to consult if you’re struggling with lower back pain. Beyond simply relieving symptoms, a chiropractor also examines the entire body and health history to get a “whole person” picture of your current health status. By addressing both symptoms and the underlying causes of lower back pain–including posture, body mechanics, and nervous system function–a chiropractor can help you find effective and long-lasting pain relief.

A variety of natural drug-free chiropractic treatments are available, including spinal adjustments, manual decompression, massage therapy, and corrective exercises. These are safe for people of all ages, and can be fully customized to meet your individual needs.

2. Stay physically active.

The human body was meant to move, and when it doesn’t, things start to breakdown. Exercise can help relieve lower back pain by promoting increased blood flow and circulation, improved disc health, decreased muscle tension and stiffness, and even improved psychological mood. Things like walking, spinning, swimming, yoga, and resistance training can all be beneficial.

If your back pain has been limiting your ability to exercise, your chiropractor can help you figure out the safest and most effective type of activity for you. As your symptoms resolve and the underlying factors causing your lower back pain are addressed through chiropractic care, you’ll naturally have more tolerance to physical activity. This will help you develop a regular routine–and hopefully get a little more enjoyment out of it, too.

3. Manage your other health conditions.

recent study published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice suggests that people with lower back pain who also have other health conditions (including diabetes, hypertension, tobacco use, and mental health issues) are significantly more likely to require longer-term lower back care and are more likely to use prescription medication like opioids. In other words, having multiple health problems can actually make your back pain worse or more persistent, and historically may influence your primary care physician’s decision to prescribe you pain medication.

If you have lower back pain in addition to other health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, talk to your doctor about how you can better manage your conditions. If avoiding the use of pain medication is important to you, let him or her know. If you smoke, quit, and be sure to get enough sleep to help manage your stress levels.

Also be sure to address the previous 2 points as well, including scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor. Together, all these factors can have a powerful positive impact on your overall health and well-being.

Call A Professional

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