Protecting Your Spine and Back With Ergonomic Chairs and Desks  

Businesswoman Working At Desk Suffering From BackacheSitting for prolonged periods of time can take a dramatic toll on your health. Unfortunately, if you are an office worker, you may have no choice but to sit for several hours a day. All that sitting could lead to extremely painful back problems. Luckily, there is something you can do – use ergonomic chairs or desks.

Discover exactly how ergonomic chairs and desks help promote good health.

Health Benefits Of Using Ergonomic Office Furniture

An ergonomic chair or desk can do everything from help prevent back pain to reducing overall fatigue. The following are some of the health benefits you could receive when you choose to use ergonomic office furniture:

  • Proper posture is encouraged throughout the entire workday

  • Support of the lumbar area is provided to prevent back pain

  • Entire body is well-balanced which reduces injuries and prevents overall fatigue

It has been proven that when people use an ergonomic chair or desk, they are more productive at work and often miss less work. They also feel more energized throughout the day which can improve critical thinking skills and memory and help enhance work performance.

Unique Features That Make Up An Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs essentially perform the same function as traditional office chairs by providing you with a comfortable place to sit while at work. However, they have several unique features that help improve your health.

Features on an ergonomic chair that help improve your health include:

  • Adjustable seat height

  • Wide seats with extra depth to provide enhanced comfort for all body shapes and sizes

  • Additional cushioning or padding to provide lumbar support

  • Swivel mechanism to allow the chair to easily rotate

  • Stable base to prevent the chair from wobbling and moving while in use

  • Adjustable backrest that can be customized both vertically and in the front or back

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Comfortable, breathable material used for the seat

Unique Features Of An Ergonomic Desk

Ergonomic desks, just like ergonomic chairs, have unique features that are used to help improve your health. These features can be anything from adjustable height to footrests.

Some features that may be found on an ergonomic desk include:

  • Footrest – helps promote proper posture and relieves stress on your lower back

  • Ability to adjust the height of the desk

  • Proper desktop space that allows you to easily place essential items like keyboards, computer mouse, and telephones within arm’s reach

  • Designed to allow you to place your computer monitor at eye level

  • Customized computer keyboard tray that can be adjusted in length and height

Find Relief For Your Back Pain With Chiropractic Services

Making the switch to ergonomic office furniture may be able to reduce the likelihood that you experience back pain. However, it might not completely eliminate your back pain.

Health First Injury & Pain Centers can help you find relief from lingering back pain. Many office workers find our chiropractic services are able to provide them with pain relief. Call us today to learn more about our chiropractic services.

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